‘Bad Ass’ Amber Nash

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amber nash, celebrity picks

amber nash, celebrity picks

“Holy shit snacks!" If you know that catchphrase you’re already inhaling laughing gas and have met Pam Poovey, ex-Human Resources Director in the Archer cartoon series. She’s not very good at her job, though. The sturdy 250 pound bisexual posts juicy employees’ personal details on her blog. Pam uses a dolphin hand puppet to facilitate communications during HR mediation sessions but Archer beats her with it once. She gossips, drinks and sleeps with her coworkers (hmmh, doesn’t it sound like the halls of Congress?). She had a tough childhood in Wisconsin. Poovey Farms raised Holsteins and made cheese. But her big sister constantly humiliated her. Pam got tough. She paid her way through college in a subterranean fighting ring and is rumored to have killed a few non-submissives. Amber Nash is Pam Poovey, the cartoon star brings this endearing character to life. Her bohemian home in Atlanta’s Cabbagetown is close enough to walk to Dad’s Garage, a theater company where her husband, Kevin Gillese, is artistic director. Her bungalow is quirky with comic relief. Her biggest health tip we discovered with our charming visit—having found a passion with her voice that will last a lifetime and that makes her want to be on stage, sharing the hilarious audible vibes and bad ass reality.

HealthyLivinG: What’s your favorite part about voicing the role of Pam on the FX cartoon series “Archer”?

Amber Nash: She is a bad ass. I have watched the character evolve over the years and become a sex symbol. She is body positive, sex positive and hilarious…three traits I strive for.

HL: What is the most memorable moment in your acting career?

AN: Meeting the cast of Archer for the first time. We had finished recording season one and still had not all been in the same room together. I was awestruck and humbled to be on a show with my colleagues. I’d been a fan of Chris Parnell for years and he was genuine and kind. Aisha was like a 7-foot tall angel wearing a white suit. I was smitten

HL: If you had to choose one role for the rest of your life, what would it be?

AN: Honestly, this is weird, but Ebenezer Scrooge. I got the chance to play Scrooge in a production we did at Dad’s Garage Theatre in Atlanta and it was the most fun I've ever had in a show. I love playing cranky old men. It’s the ultimate story of redemption and it ends happy every night. If you're lucky or your theatre has enough money for the rig, it snows at the end.

HL: What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

AN: Travel! My husband and I are perfect travel partners and I think that might be rare. He is so good at planning trips. We've been all over the world for work but also travel for fun. We are always blessed when taking friends to New Orleans.

HL: Do you use dietary supplements?

AN: I do. I take a multivitamin, essential fatty acids. Before bed I do magnesium and melatonin at night to sleep and have been learning more about supplements working with HealthyLivinG to do my reviews. I like KLB6 supplements.

HL: What is one healthy thing you do every day?

AN: I drink a lot of water and try to be active daily. I walk long distances.

HL: When thinking about your future health, what is your main focus?

AN: I want to be able to get on stage and make people laugh for as long as possible, so I want to be in good enough physical health for as long as I can to make that happen. I want to stay young as long as possible in every way. Isn't that what we all want?

HL: What is your number one health tip?

AN: Don’t have kids. I’m just kidding, but I do tell people that when they ask how I stay young looking. I think self-care is important…massages, down time and being happy.

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