Cosmetics After 50

Fraxel Laser Facial Review

Cosmetics After 50. Healthy Living Magazine

Cosmetics After 50. Healthy Living Magazine

No matter how we are conditioning ourselves to accept and even enjoy aging, the truth is many have said it’s been a crisis and a heartbreak for them. It all comes down to how far we are ready to go to stretch our time of turning heads. Or accept unmoving heads and glances as if we are invisible. At 50 you are already past facials and even some strong laser treatments like Thermage do not produce an impact.

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Nothing works much, and if you are not ready to go all the way to the knife, it’s time to settle and take whatever depth of your most bothersome wrinkle you are blessed with. And many would argue that you should, but why not look into more options?

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I went to see Dr Arash Moradzadeh at his Beverly Hills clinic to inquire if there are any less invasive and more high tech options. I decided to look for a higher qualification than a procedure requires, to hedge any safety concerns. Dr Moradzadeh is a certified plastic surgeon who worked as co-director of the facial plastic surgery division at the VA hospital, helping to restore facial functions to veterans with rhinoplasty and Mohs reconstruction for skin cancer.

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The doctor was firm that the best option for my crow’s feet wrinkles, enlarged pores, sun damage and chest wrinkles would be a Fraxel laser. He said it is invasive, but much less so than the lasers used in the past- CO2 lasers used to burn the thick layer of the skin and the recovery, i.e. growing a whole new skin, would have taken a month. Fraxel laser penetrates skin in a segmental manner, leaving untouched skin in between treated skin, which takes over the renewal and new collagen production for untreated spots. This naturally shortens and eases downtime and discomfort. He promised the effect will be dramatic and lasting, no anesthesia needed and I’ll be back to the office in four days, weekend included, leaving me no reasons not to proceed.

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On the day of the procedure the doctor used a topical pain sedative. The experience wasn’t very comfortable, but tolerable in terms of pain. I wasn’t even as red a lobster as I was expecting to be. Doctor said the redness will increase in the coming two days and so it did. Both redness and swelling maxed out on the third day, so I wasn’t back to the office on the fourth day, but on the seventh I looked fine. My biggest problems were the necessity to sleep with my head elevated and the itching that comes with healing.

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Surprisingly, there was no peeling off any skin, therefore the short recovery time does not involve looking weird covered with scabs. The result is prominent immediately—a baby fresh skin, dramatically improved wrinkle lines, firmer cheeks and eyelids. It feels and looks like wiping off some seven years of life from your face overnight. Doctor said these are the preliminary results--the real ones are coming after three months of building collagen and renewing the upper skin layer.

Cosmetics After 50. Healthy Living Magazine

Cosmetics After 50. Healthy Living Magazine

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