Mediterranean Diet’s Gift

9 Years of Life

Mediterranean Diet's Gift. Healthy Living Magazine

Mediterranean Diet's Gift. Healthy Living Magazine

Mediterranean style eating extends life span markers, according to a study from The British Medical Journal. Consisting of veggies, fruits, nuts and olive oil, the diet makes telomeres, the life destiny genetic protectors of the chromosome, last longer, or not.

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Dr Immaculata de Vivo from Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston used dietary and blood data for 4,676 healthy, middle-aged women from the Nurses’ Health Study to examine the link between the Mediterranean diet and telomere length. On a scale from 0-9 points, the scientists discovered a one point change along their diet scoring scale corresponded with 1.5 years of telomere aging on average. The best diets added some 9.3 years of extra life to telomeres.

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Telomeres at the end of chromosomes prevent fraying and mashing genetic codes. They decline 50% in length from babyhood to adulthood. People with the shortest telomeres have lowest life span and more diseases. Measuring telomeres and linking their health with the diet gives a mechanism of action for the Mediterranean diet and bolsters the environmental and dietary theory of aging. The Mediterranean diet is known to reduce heart disease and extend healthy life span.

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Besides fruits, nuts, veggies, oils, a moderately high fish intake with low dairy, meat and poultry also accompany the diet.

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