Red Carpet Figure In 12 hrs

Lose 10 lbs before tonight

Red Carpet Figure in 12 Hours. Healthy Living Magazine

Red Carpet Figure in 12 Hours. Healthy Living Magazine

Missed the target of losing 1,000 pounds before that special day- wedding, party, date, bikini show off time? Happens all the time to Hollywood gods before the red carpet. Here is what they do.

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At any given time, you could be carrying up to 10 pounds of excess water in your body. This phenomenon is called “subcutaneous water” and can easily contribute to a “soft and puffy” appearance and an uncomfortable bloating feeling. To lose pounds fast, within one day, use the subcutaneous water effect and fit into that dress or rock your bikini.

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If you are a fitness fanatic who spends time every day at the gym or exercise classes toning and working your body, excess water retention could be hiding your hard-earned toned muscularity, vascularity and definition.

lean and toned with electrolytes

Traditional herbal diuretics contain dandelion root, buchu leaf, juniper berry fruit, cornsilk, hydrangea root, uva ursi and horsetail, which have been shown to safely increase urinary excretion of fluids, helping to create the lean appearance women desire. But this isn’t enough, according to Dr Gabe Wilson, director of science and innovation at Maximum Human Performance (MHP). XeritonePSD, herbal diuretic blend, for example, developed by MHP, contains electrolytes as well. “Unlike other water formulas on the market, this electrolyte blend helps keep the inside of your muscle cells hydrated, important for muscle strength or helping prevent that ‘flat’ look,” says Dr Wilson. “Electrolytes are critical for exercise performance. But they also greatly affect fluid balance. What is unique about XPEL, a maximum strength diuretic, is that its electrolyte blend tends to accumulate fluid inside of muscle tissue. This means that XPEL actually pulls water inside of your muscles so that you can appear lean and toned rather than flat, bloated and out of shape.”

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results in 12 hours

Women commonly experience excess subcutaneous water around the thigh area, buttocks and stomach. They may feel it most around “that time of the month.” Users feel results as quickly as 12 hours, says Dr Wilson.

how it works

XPEL contains three formulas in one:

Xeritone-PSD™ Herbal Diuretic Blend (1,200 mg): includes buchu, cornsilk, hydrangea root, dandelion, uva ursi, horsetail and juniper.

Electrolyte Blend (1,141 mg): Two forms of calcium (gluconate and carbonate), potassium citrate and magnesium oxide ensure that muscles stay hydrated while subcutaneous tissues lose their excess.

Green Tea Blend (120 mg): Green tea leaf and guarana seed extracts provide approximately 75 mg of caffeine to increase metabolism for fat burning.

MHP recommends that users take 4 capsules with 16 ounces of water twice daily—once in the morning and in the afternoon. Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water daily. Do not exceed recommended dosage. Do not take for more than 10 consecutive days.

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