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Between raising an adopted child as a single parent, saving elephants in Africa and devoting her life to those in need, the bold and dauntless Kristin Davis, best known as Charlotte York from the hit film and HBO series Sex and the City, takes a moment to speak with HL's Yana Mandeville about her heroic worldly undertakings and indisputable mindset.

Kristin Davis cover interview Yana Mandeville

Kristin Davis cover interview Yana Mandeville

HealthyLivinG: On screen you are usually the good girl; are you much like those characters?

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Kristin Davis: I guess, but I really don’t know how that happened. The first character I ever played, Brooklyn, wasn’t a good girl; she was a bad girl. I guess Charlotte is the way that people think of me, so I think once you stab something that is a success people tend to think of you that way, but I don’t mind at all. Ginny in Bad Teacher is a good teacher, but she’s not exactly good in the way Charlotte was good. She is unhappier and a little manipulative. She’s much more complicated than Charlotte. Charlotte was pretty straightforward. And I love them all. You love all characters you play. My character in The Best Man was also very conniving. I don’t usually get cast as the evil one. And that’s fine. I don’t stress about that. I know actors who like to play the bad people but I don’t really feel the need for that.

HealthyLivinG In Sex and the City you portray the most innocent of all the four main ladies. How do you feel about opposite characters like Charlotte and Samantha in real life? What impact does each have on men’s perception of women?

Elephant Kristen Davis Yana Mandeville

Elephant Kristen Davis Yana Mandeville

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Kristin Davis: Well, I’m not a man, so I can’t tell you. I think that every type of woman should be represented in our film and television, because there are a lot of different types of women, and it helps both men and women to see different people on screen that they may or may not relate to. People would always say “I’m a Charlotte, I’m a Samantha...,” and for women it’s interesting to think—where do I fall; am I conservative? and all those questions you were to ask about a character. And that’s what’s fun about playing those characters, because all of us have all those parts. Just from a female perspective, it’s good for men to see all those types represented, because they should realize that women are complex and different and should not be afraid of them. I had men say critical things of Samantha, and I would want to say don’t criticize Samantha, because I like Samantha. You learn a lot by which characters men like. Not to say there’s anything bad, but I just think that men and women start to make generalizations, but I think in general having less judgment is good for everyone, men and women. We definitely wanted to encourage less judgment.

HealthyLivinG Do you miss being on set the of Sex and the City?

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Kristin Davis: Yeah, absolutely! Best job ever. It was very intense we worked long hours, but, yes, it’s the best job ever.

HealthyLivinG It must have been fun being around the girls all the time?

Kristin Davis: It’s so much fun, and we worked together so long. Nothing will ever be like that...

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