Swiss Glacier Encapsulated into Liposomes

Penetrates deep dermis for ultra skin moisture

It’s commonplace that skin aging means losing ability to retain water, which affects elasticity and structure and results in rapid wrinkling.

healthy living magazine swiss glacier

healthy living magazine swiss glacier

The water content in the skin decreases from the inner layers to the surface, from 80% to 13% in the outer layer called the stratum corneum. Maintaining the corresponding water content in each layer is integral to the skin’s structure, physiology and integrity. Adequate moisturizing remains the core skincare strategy to preserve its elasticity and radiance. In addition to wrinkling, dehydrated skin becomes more sensitive, making it prone to irritants and other daily aggressions.

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Using glacier water encased in liposomes is like bathing your body in an icy cold mountain stream (whereas showering in hot water actually dries out the skin). Swiss glacier water comes from ancient ice floes occurring at 12,000 feet in the Valais Alps. During its journey as it seeps slowly through layers of rock and stone hundreds of meters deep to the surface, it is not only filtered but enriched with minerals and trace elements. Many years later, when gathered, the filtered purified alpine elixir gushes out of the ground under geologic high pressure from artesian wells.

From here, glacier water is encapsulated into lecithin-based liposomes composed of a bilayer of lecithin (soy protein) that forms a sphere encapsulating the pure H2O. The lecithin liposome passes through the outer layer of the skin to deliver moisture deep into the inner layers in a time-release fashion, resulting in long-lasting hydration.

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A proprietary clinical study reported at Aubrey Organics shows the long-lasting moisturizing results of use of the glacier water liposomes. In the study scientists applied liposomes with glacier water to women with dry skin. At different layers in the skin, water content increased at both 8 and 24 hours compared to placebo. The glacier lipsome also is shown to protect skin cells against heat stress.

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