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I feel everyone has bleeding love

Leona Lewis HealthyLivinG Magazine cover December 2013 Christmas Album

Leona Lewis HealthyLivinG Magazine cover December 2013 Christmas Album

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Leona Lewis believes that what she does must last and is an artist who is more involved in her music than promotion. Trained in Opera, Spirit, the 28-year-old singer/songwriter’s first major release after winning the British X Factor, sold more than eight million copies.

“Bleeding Love,” one of its many hits, which expressed the yearning deep within each of us to find someone whose warmth can unfreeze our frozen love, topped charts in 30 nations. The triple Grammy nominee’s album sales exceed 28 million. Her new collection, not yet released as we went to press, is a holiday celebration. Leona was selecting art when we spoke from her native UK.

Healthy Living Magazine: Your way up wasn’t very simple; what is the most difficult aspect of breaking into the business?

Leona Lewis: The most important thing to me is that I’m doing what I love and I’m not being diluted or changed in any way. I think the initial steps are hard at first for some artists because by the time everyone has had a say in what you do, you can find yourself compromised and turned into something else. I’ve been quite lucky in that the people I have worked with have believed in me and trusted me. Simon has always told me to go with my instinct, having that advice from him has given me a confidence in myself.

Healthy Living Magazine: Are you afraid of aging? Of aging voice?

Leona Lewis: I’ve never been asked that question. I guess it’s not something you think about in your twenties. Looking at my late grandmother gives me high hopes of gracefully aging as her skin was so amazing. As I’m of Guyanese heritage, I think I’ll age well. The voice never stops growing and improving as long as you keep in good training, I’m looking forward to hearing how it develops as I get older.

Healthy Living Magazine: Do you diet? What is your most sinful food?

Leona Lewis: I have tried most diets. I have so many friends who can eat whatever they want but unfortunately I cannot. I found the best way is to eat very clean throughout the week then let myself have a treat on the weekends. My sinful food is popcorn. I love going to movies and I can’t resist.

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