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Immune Shield

Immune Shield

Part One

Whether we are first responders, essential personnel, medical professionals, or simply ordinary parents with the huge responsibility to keep our kids, loved ones, and ourselves healthy, consuming bovine colostrum (BC) is a powerful immune shield. In fact, BC is the single most important supplement during these difficult times that I recommend in my clinical practice.

These days we need all of the immune help that we can get. Especially as we re-enter a vastly different, new world filled with face masks, surgical gloves, hand sanitizers, social distancing, and an invisible enemy. That’s why I tell all of my patients and even my staff that the best single investment in immune health anybody can make these days is to consume first milk or bovine colostrum (BC).


The science behind BC has come a long way since I was first introduced to it some half-century ago growing up in rural central Turkey. We always had our own cows and sheep, and whenever they had offspring my father made sure that we all had our share of colostrum from whatever was left over from the babies. I learned then that colostrum was a super-healthy food but didn’t know much about it.

I was re-introduced to BC at an anti-aging conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, and learned about the significant research pointing to its importance to gut and immune health. There is a strong link between your gut and immune health, since the gut is where some 70-percent of the body’s immune cells are produced.


I practice internal medicine and pediatrics in New Jersey. I have always insisted that my entire staff use BC to stay healthy, and its value during these times has never been higher or more exemplary, as my entire staff has been able to fend off any challenges to their immune systems. We’re staying healthy, and BC is vital to our regimen.

A staple of Ayurvedic medicine, BC is rich in intelligent antibodies whose collective experience in dealing with the mother’s immune threats is passed onto the newborn to bolster its own innate defenses. So when cows are exposed to organisms this experience is transferred to your immune system to increase its ability to recognize threats. This is called passive immunity. It works for humans much as it does calves.

Here are 8 more reasons colostrum is a family immune shield:

1. Returning to daycare and school. Studies show that BC boosts immunity so much that kids are truly healthier allyear round and are especially healthier in daycare and school than their peers who do not get this food. I can’t think of a more important food that I want my own family to make part of their daily health regimen. Especially as we head into the end of summer and returning to school, BC is an immune shield.

2. Reducing aches and pains. BC is a wonderful food for maintaining healthy joints and normal low levels of inflammation.

3. Building muscle. BC helps us to build muscle. This is important obviously for athletes but also older adults. Growth factors for example help us to rebuild muscle, and muscle burns fat.

4. Healthy blood sugar. BC has been shown to boost pancreatic function and insulin sensitivity.

5. Weight loss. BC contains leptin, which helps the body to reduce its cravings.

6. BC is also a probiotic. Populations of beneficial bacteria increase with its regular use. One of the biggest benefits of BC for adults and kids is that it keeps the gastrointestinal (GI) tract healthy. This impacts the entire body. The gut is where almost all health problems either start or impact.

7. Anybody who uses non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as aspirin or ibuprofen needs to put BC into their diet to protect from damage to the GI lining.

8. Teachers who are in classrooms with students would highly benefit from daily BC use. So would all nurses, medical personnel, essential workers, first responders, and anybody who wants to do everything possible to have an immune edge in this new world of ours.


Some of my patients use strawberry- and pineapple-flavored chews that melt in their mouth. Others make powdered BC part of their recipes and have it with smoothies and other dishes. BC is also available in capsules and with additional nutrients.

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