Can Selenium Prevent COVID-19?

New takes from COVID-19 conference



Part Four

Professor Philip Calder of the University of Southhampton also highlighted that deficiency of selenium, a nutrient found in poultry, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds and organ meats such as liver or kidney, can:

•impair immune responses;

•increase susceptibility to viral infection;

•permit viruses to mutate;

•and allow weak viruses to become stronger.

He shared previous research that suggests selenium supplementation in humans can help prevent viral mutation, which he said was a very interesting observation when it comes to the mutations of the Coronavirus. Calder also shared findings from a paper released by German researchers which looks at the relationship between selenium status and COVID-19 mortality risk, and suggests that low selenium status could be linked to more severe COVID-19, however it should be noted that this was a small study and more research is needed to confirm this association.

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