The Real Muscle Milk

A supplement that builds muscle, balances hormones, and protects against toxic estrogen



Hormones—including testosterone, estrogen, insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1), and growth hormone—are the messenger chemicals that signal our cells to build and repair muscle and connective tissues and burn fat.

But we also need to protect ourselves from these same hormones when they become toxic and threaten to rob our health, which occurs with age and exposures to chemicals in everyday products. That is when perfectly good hormones, ones that our aging bodies certainly need, start traveling down some mean metabolic pathways that change them from good citizens to evil doers.

Providing well absorbed healthy hormones found in bovine colostrum (BC), while safe guarding the male or female body from toxic estrogen, is what makes Flex6 a bodybuilding supplement for both sexes.

First Milk of Muscle

The golden milky fluid that all newborn mammals receive from their mothers upon birth before it is replaced with milk, out of necessity, BC is designed to deliver hormones such as IGF-I and GH as well as small amounts of testosterone. Newborn mammals are still growing, their tissues rapidly dividing, and they require these bursts of healthy hormones to complete tasks such as finishing up the intestinal lining, blood supplies, and even their brain. BC has been shown in published and peer-reviewes studies to aid athletes in building muscle, achieving faster recovery time, and exhibit gains in core power as well as boost circulating IGF-I, GH, and testosterone in some studies.

Colostrum6, which is used in Flex6, contains 2300 ng/g of IGF-1 per serving. World class athletes like Olympian and track star Winthrop Graham have used it to increase endurance, strength, and to improve recovery time.

Upregulate Good Hormones

Flex6 combines BC with diindolylmethane (DIM) and balances the body’s hormones. DIM liberates them from toxic metabolic pathways that cause health problems. DIM is a phytochemical found in crucifers (broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, collards, kale, mustard greens, radishes, watercress, and turnips).

The body has different pathways that it uses to metabolize hormones. These pathways’ expression is governed by the environment including diet and chemicals. Some chemicals in the environment look just like the hormone estrogen but they are toxic impostors. These chemicals are found in foods and products. They turn on genes in the breast and prostate cells that cause these cells to become cancerous. Toxic estrogen wreaks havoc on the reproductive tissues. They are genetic poisons. But other foods, especially plants, contain phytochemicals and phytoestrogens that reduce the body's risk for genetic damage. These plant substances stimulate the body's healthy metabolic pathways, and that's when we build muscle.

Men produce testosterone, but much of it becomes bound up with sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) or is broken down into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). In either case, free testosterone makes up only about two percent of the body’s total testosterone in men and even less in women. In both sexes, DHT is thought to cause hair loss.

Free testosterone crosses into the brain, muscles, and fat cells in both sexes. DIM increases free testosterone in both sexes. DIM influences the body’s metabolic pathways to produce safer, less potent estrogen compounds that break down easily and are not toxic to DNA. DIM inhibits the enzyme aromatase that can lead fatty tissues to produce too much estrogen instead of testosterone. DIM shows clinical promise for men’s prostate health. Again, this appears to be through its ability to limit production of toxic estrogen. This is why Flex6 works for women, too.

DIM Lightens Toxic Estrogen

But, for women, these two supplements are equally balancing. Like men, women need IGF-I, GH, some testosterone, and healthy forms of estrogen in order to build muscle and maintain healthy bones and reproductive tissues.

Flex6 combines BC with DIM, creatine ethyl ester, mexthoxyisoflavone, and zinc magnesium aspartate to enhance physical performance during workouts and athletic performance. Because of its protective effect on reproductive tissues, adults in the mature population have used Flex6 to simply help maintain healthy hormone balance.

But athletes at all ages recognize that having a lean body with minimum body fat is a major factor in maximizing their potential. They place heavy demands on their body through strenuous exercise, which results in the burning of protein and makes it difficult to build new muscle. Flex6 with BC, DIM, and its supporting nutrients can play an impressive role in the building of new muscle, allowing the athlete and non-athlete alike to burn more fat and gain more muscle, enhancing the overall performance.

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