Banish Colds and Flu

In vulnerable kids and adults with first milk

Elena Colds and Flu 2

Elena Colds and Flu 2

Are you tired of catching too many colds and flu? Now is the time to start making bovine colostrum (BC) part of your diet, according to Respiratory Medicine Case Reports. Jordanian doctors’ well documented and peer-reviewed cast report confirms earlier studies demonstrating BC prevents recurrence of chronic upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs).

A 27 year-old male Jordanian patient with generally healthy diet and moderate exercise activities was experiencing URTIs, including five episodes in the past year before he began his new BC regimen.

There were no URTI episodes over the one-year period following initiation of his BC regimen compared to 5 episodes over the previous year. Real-time analysis of DNA showed there was also a decrease in the nasal swab viral load 24 hours following a single BC regimen. BC was well tolerated with no stated allergy or adverse effects in the patient of this case report.

Fortifies Kids' Immunity

A second non-comparative 2006 study from the Indian Journal of Pediatrics of the effects of a daily 3 g dose of BC in 551 children in India after recurrent episodes of acute URTI observed over the preceding six months.

The number of reported cases of URTI following supplementation was reduced by 73%, 83%, and 91% at 4, 8, and 12 weeks, respectively, compared to the number of cases in the six months preceding BC supplementation. “Bovine colostrum was highly effective in the prophylactic treatment of recurrent URTIs and diarrhea in reducing not only the episodes but also the hospitalization due to them,” the researchers reported.

Early Harvest BC Richest

Although bovine and human colostrum are biologically similar if not close to identical, BC has a much higher concentration of immunoglobulins, especially when gathered from the mother within the first six hours following birth (which is done humanely to ensure the health of the calves). Comparisons between normal bovine milk and BC have shown that the concentration of immunoglobulins is higher in BC by a factor of almost a hundred, according to the Jordanian scientists. “BC also contains factors responsible for activation of the acquired and innate immune systems, and also some antimicrobial fractions.

“BC, rich in targeted IgG, is different from the conventional antimicrobials as it does not disturb the integrity of the gut microbiota, nor will it potentially lead to the emergence of new antibiotic-resistant organisms microorganisms.” —30—

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