Which Vitamins Can Shield From Coronavirus?

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies make your body vulnerable

Part Four



Long‐chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) are mediators of inflammation and the adaptive immune response. Omega‐3 and omega‐6 PUFAs are precursors of resolvins/protectins and prostaglandins/leukotrienes, respectively. Protectin D1, the omega‐3 PUFA‐derived lipid mediator, could markedly attenuate influenza virus replication by intefering with RNA export machinery used inside host cells. In addition, treatment of protectin D1 with peramivir could completely rescue mice from flu mortality. Several PUFAs also had anti‐hepatitis C virus (HCV) activities. Therefore, Omega‐3 including protectin D1, which served as a novel antiviral drug, could be considered for one of the potential interventions of this novel virus, COVID‐19, say the researchers.



It was reported that synergistic effect of selenium with ginseng stem‐leaf saponins could induce immune response to a live bivalent infectious bronchitis coronavirus vaccine in chickens. Therefore, selenium and ginseng supplementation could be an effective choice for the supplementation during this novel virus of COVID‐19.


Glycyrrhizin is an active component of liqorice roots in Chinese medicine. Glycyrrhizin inhibits the replication of SARS‐associated virus in vitro and it had already been suggested as an alternative option for treatment of SARS at that time.

Baicalin, a flavonoid, is from the root of Radix Scutellaria. Baicalin inhibits SARS‐CoV in vitro. Ginseng stem‐leaf saponins could highly enhance the specific‐antibody responses for Newcastle disease virus and infectious bronchitis virus.

“Therefore, Chinese Medicine could also be considered as a choice to enhance host immunity against the infection of COVID‐19.” In summary, the general treatment for viral infection including nutritional interventions and all kinds of immunoenhancers has been used to enhance host immunity against RNA viral infections. Therefore, they may also be used to fight COVID‐19 infection by correcting the lymphopenia of patients.

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