Silver For Coronavirus

Spray your drink, food, hands, face, and mouth to disinfect

silver inhibits coronavirus

silver inhibits coronavirus

We do exist in crowded metropolitan cities, We haven’t stopped dining out, but what do we do when a sniffling waiter rubs his nose as he serves us our coffee?

Of course, you should have your disinfectant wipes to use. But what about you? There is a pretty simple health tip: carry a two-ounce bottle of Sovereign Silver’s bio-active silver hydrosol spray. It tastes like clean water and a very minimal amount will suffice to make you feel safer. You can spray a coffee cup, a dish, even your soup or utensils. And spritz your mouth with some of the spray.

Bio-active silver is effective against many viruses, and there’s a distinct possibility that silver does kill this virus. Here’s what we know. Coronaviruses belong to the family Coronaviridae, which primarily cause infection of the upper respiratory and gastrointestinal tract of hosts.

Transmissible gastroenteritis virus (TGEV) is an economically significant coronavirus that can cause severe diarrhea in pigs. Silver nanomaterials (Ag NMs) have attracted great interests in recent years due to their excellent anti-microorganism properties, says the study from the journal Biomaterials.

At non-toxic concentrations, bio-active silver “significantly diminished the infectivity of TGEV” in swine cells. “Our data indicate that Ag NMs are effective in prevention of TGEV-mediated cell infection as a virucidal agent or as an inhibitor of viral entry and the present findings may provide new insights into antiviral therapy of coronaviruses,” they wrote.

In a second report, researchers, writing in the Internaitonal Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health say that silver nanoparticles have demonstrated strong antiviral activity. To investigate the antiviral activity of silver particles, they took the feline coronavirus (FCoV).

A virus inhibition assay was used to identify the antiviral activity. Silver inhibited 25% of infection by FCoV. Further application of silver “can be considered for personal protection equipment to decrease the transmission of viruses."

So back to our coffee cup. You can carry a two-ounce bottle in your cosmetic bag or your pocket, give it to kids to use in school, spray your cup, food, hands, face, and throat. It's what we carry for a little added protection.

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