Forget Gourmet. 7-Eleven Is The Safest.

20 Coffee Brands and Acrylamide

Woman drinking coffee

Woman drinking coffee

The Food and Drug Administration published its coffee test results soon after acrylamide was detected in roasted foods. These data from the FDA study are now more than a decade old but offer a good place to start for finding low-acrylamide brands.

The safest brands were not particularly gourmet. Darker roasts tended to have less acrylamide than lighter roasts.

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Coffee & Acrylamide

5 ..... 7-Eleven Regular Coffee (brewed)
6 ..... 7-Eleven French Roast Coffee (brewed)
7 ..... Starbucks Coffee Colombia (brewed)
8 ..... McDonald’s Regular Coffee (brewed)
10 .... Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee Regular (brewed)
11 ..... Starbucks Coffee Lite Note (brewed)
51 ..... Yuban 100% Colombian Coffee (ground, not brewed)
64 .... Hills Bros 100% Colombian Coffee (ground, not brewed)
132 ... Starbucks Coffee French Roast (ground, not brewed)
138 ... Café Bustelo Dark Roast (ground, not brewed)
151 ... Starbucks Coffee House Blend (ground, not brewed)
161 ... Starbucks Coffee Breakfast Blend (ground, not brewed)
162 ... olgers French Roast (medium-dark roast), (ground, not brewed)
163 ... Chock full o' Nuts Rich French Roast (ground, not brewed)
163 ... Starbucks Coffee Colombia (ground, not brewed)
172 ... Medaglia D'oro Caffe' Espresso (ground, not brewed)
185 ... Maxwell House French Roast,(ground, not brewed)
191 ... Hills Bros Coffee (ground, not brewed)

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