Anti-Cancer Colostrum

Studied For Inhibition Of Leukemia-Inducing Virus

Woman in the field at sunset

Woman in the field at sunset

The study, published in BMC Veterinary Research, shows that a form of cancer in animals linked with a virus may well be prevented with additional colostrum supplements for the calves. The cancer in animals called lymphosarcoma often results from infection by the bovine leukemia virus (BLV).

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The study was done on calves in Japan where lymphosarcoma rates among juvenile cattle are on the crease. This report not only found colostrum effectively inhibited the virus linked with the disease but also that the earlier the colostrum is gathered, the more concentrated its antibodies. By day three, the effects of the substance had worn off considerably. They note BC “could be a potential source of antibodies…”

In this study, testing the protection offered by the abundant antibodies found in first-milking colostrum against BLV infection, those antibodies “showed high inhibitory activity until day 3 of lactation.”

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Scientists continue to find the importance of bovine colostrum (BC) in fighting off virally induced cancer. While this animal study was done among calves in Japan, its results may have relevance to human health and preventing cancer. The same inhibitory, protective activity shown in colostrum among calves occurs with human ingestion.

Shopping Tips

Not all colostrum is harvested promptly. Many brands are harvested 24 or more hours after the first secretions and studies show that their concentrations of antibodies are lowered.

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Look for BC that has been gathered within the first six hours and that is pure, without being defatted or processed. These products are available as capsules, powders and delicious pineapple-, strawberry- and banana-flavored wafers or chewables.

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