7 Horrors of Sleep Deprivation

From Stupidity, Diseases and Obesity to Early Death

Woman in long dress

Woman in long dress

There’s something addictive about staying up late at night – especially if there’s a pile of work that needs to be done.

Almost every person in the world prefers to sacrifice their sleep to either their anxiety about work left out on the table of some form of mindless relaxation. For most, having enough sleep is not a priority. But it should be, for the sake of either- that anxiety, work itself, the end goals of yours, or relaxation.

But what’s the catch when you fall into the deep abyss of sleep deprivation? Here’s what happens when you lack sleep.

1. Early Death

Being habitually sleep-deprived moves up your appointment with the Creator.

A 2010 research study found that individuals who sleep for less than 5 to 7 hours per night have a tendency to decrease their lifespan by 12%. They collected the data from different publications dated from 1966 and have participants of over 1.3 million. It is about 10 years of life.

However, long sleep is not a panacea, at all. In the same study, individuals who sleep more than 8 to 9 hours per night, have a booming 30% tendency of dying early.

So if you want to live longer, you should have a good sleeping plan. The ideal amount of sleep that an individual should have is 7 to 8 hours per night.

No more, no less.


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