Air Freshener For Asthmatics

Breath healthy French lavender from Provance

Princess Lavender

Princess Lavender

Most room sprays layer one’s indoor air with microscopic asthma-triggers: particles laden with petroleum hydrocarbons and several hundred undisclosed ingredients that go into the fragrance alone, let alone the propellants and preservatives that are also micronized to be breathed deep into the lungs.

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ECOS has a different heritage. ECOS Breeze Lavender Vanilla Room Spray delivers 840 sprays, entirely plant based with corn, sugar glucosides and lavender sourced in rural French provinces.

Nothing untoward in its list of ingredients to contribute to your kid’s breathing difficulties or linked with cancer. Spray a little and enjoy a French lavender field all afternoon.

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Good for chemically sensitive people and anybody with infants when the room needs to be freshened.

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