MyChelle Founder Myra Mesko Talks Cannabis Beauty

Because CBDs Are Beauty's Next Biggest Thing

With the legalisation of recreational marijuana in several states across the US, it means that cannabis-based beauty products now have a chance to shine. This year, Cannabidiol (CBD) is making its way into beauty products sold throughout the country. This naturally occurring substance, derived from the cannabis plant, boasts anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which can help ease acne and ageing skin.

As founder of the stand-out dermaceutical line, Mychelle, which had so many firsts in the naturalproducts industry, Myra Mesko discovered the effectiveness of CBDs in beauty years ago. After two years of research and formulation, she was finally able to transfer her vision into reality. Mesko's latest project, Botanical Rush, is everything Mychelle is but with a ''powerhouse of full spectrum cannabinoids from industrial hemp.'' Mesko brings all of her expertise to Botanical Rush and CBDs use in cosmeceuticals.

Botanical Rush is the first company to use high potency hemp cannabinoids in its products. Here we talk to Myra about her new company, the role of CBDs in beauty, and some interesting beauty tips on staying youthful - that includes spending less time checking your Facebook feed! We can learn a lot from Myra.

HLM: Your philosophy at MyChelle has always been about providing natural and conscious skin care products. Why did you want to start your new company, Botanical Rush?

Myra Mesko: As you know, natural, effective skin care has been and long-term passion of mine while educating consumers on how to support their skin, utilizing the best ingredients Mother Nature provides. Since my departure from my first company, MyChelle Dermaceuticals, LLC., I have felt a huge void in my life not actively formulating and consulting with my beloved consumers. Today, with the legalization of industrial hemp in Colorado and other progressive states, I am thrilled to be back in the lab formulating with the most exciting ingredient the skin care industry has ever seen; organic, full spectrum, cannabinoid rich hemp extract.

HLM: What is the fundamental difference between MyChelle and Botanical Rush in terms of the company, products and values?

Myra Mesko: When I launched MyChelle, it was the first company to offer “Paraben, Pthalate, Sulfate, EDTA Free, etc.” formulas way before it was hip. It was the first company to offer effective, potent dermaceutical grade ingredients in a very pure and non-toxic base. Botanical Rush is all that with a powerhouse of full spectrum cannabinoids from industrial hemp. The formulas work and feel like no other I have ever used and smell heavenly.

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HLM: Botanical Rush is the first to use high potency, full spectrum rich hemp cannabinoids. Can you explain more about what they are and how they benefit the skin?

Myra Mesko: Our skin is the largest organ of the body, and is responsible for a host of functions which most people are not aware of until this amazing organ shows signs of weakness and aging. Endocannabinoids are molecules which we produce, and are also present in full spectrum cannabinoid rich hemp extract. These molecules are powerhouses that regulate our skin’s functions and immune responses when applied topically. Our skin has its own immune system, separate from our body, which is often unknown and neglected by most.

At Botanical Rush we offer formulas to honor this front-line, defensive, unique organ that protects us from the harsh environment we live in. At Botanical Rush, organic, full spectrum cannabinoids and terpene rich hemp oil is infused in eight of our thirteen formulas. This full spectrum extract is rich in endocannabinoid molecules which support our skins endocannabimoid system (ECS) by interacting with the CB2 receptors present in our dermis. The job of the ECS is to create balance and homeostasis by acting as a modulator for our body's other primary systems.

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HLM: When and how did you discover the effectiveness of CBDs?

Myra Mesko: I became aware of the health benefits of hemp years ago when a good friend of mine suffered from agent orange. He was exposed to this destructive chemical while serving our country in Vietnam. He used medicinal hemp for pain relief.

Deep inside I always felt Mother Nature had a cure for all ailments; we must continue researching, must respect, and protect the vast plant kingdom all over this amazing planet we call home. I believe there is a cure for everything provided by Mother Nature.

HLM: What is the process of using organic, full spectrum cannabinoid rich hemp extract in your products – was it hard?

Myra Mesko: It has been a journey, to say the least. Since cannabinoid rich hemp extract is still relatively new to the skin care industry, there are many fly-by-night operations one must weed through; no pun intended. It took me two years of researching and formulating, which finally led me to the right extract and process.

In addition, there are some skin care companies starting to add a bit of hemp to their skin care, just in fairy dust quantities. At Botanical Rush we use therapeutic potencies to effect a positive result and pleasurable experience, and that goes for all actives we use.

HLM: Do you think cannabis beauty can go mass?

Myra Mesko: Absolutely yes! The studies that are being done on skin and cannabis are compelling. The conclusions will reach the mass consumer in a very short period of time. Just look at the study done by CU Boulder, Anschutz Campus.

The findings were published in the American Journal of Dermatology as being effective in treating psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, and skin cancer. These are just the first findings on this amazing plant. Full spectrum, cannabinoid rich extracts in skin care are here to stay!

HLM: Since starting Mychelle, how do you think the attitude has changed over time as far as people using non-toxic, cruelty-free, ethical beauty products are concerned?

Myra Mesko: Unfortunately the masses still do not even think about what they put on their skin, or even in their mouths. But, more and more conscious consumers are demanding non-toxic, ethical, cruelty free skin care. I am proud to have been one of the first to educate on cruelty free and universally used chemicals in skin care. Since 2000 many skin care companies have reformulated to remove many of these chemicals and consumers are demanding clean skin care and claims that they are cruelty free.

HLM: Do you think the emotional sense of consciousness and knowing you are being more of a conscious consumer can add to beauty and skin health?

Myra Mesko: From my personal experience I have to agree. When we are cognizant of what we consume we make better choices.

HLM: What other ways can we benefit our skin in a pure and ethical way in addition to using skin care products?

Myra Mesko: Diet, lifestyle, and thoughts. Eat a diet rich in organics green leafy vegetables, drink quality water, avoid excessive alcohol, don’t smoke, exercise regularly, sleep well, avoid stress and toxic relationships, and be grateful.

HLM: Your mission at BR is to support healthy ageing skin. What does ‘’ageing gracefully’’ mean to you?

Myra Mesko: To me, aging gracefully means honoring your body and respecting it. Taking care, but also enjoying what life has to offer. Nourishing one’s body by eating quality, organic food, meditating to relieve stress and get closer to spirit, while being present every moment and to not sweat the changes in the body that are inevitable.

We should not strive to be Barbie Dolls, rather be vibrant, radiant and allow your inner beauty to shine. With a positive outlook on life, good nutrition, exercise, and great skin care formulas we can look and feel great about our reflection at any age.

HLM: Do you think all the time people spend on social media is affecting the way we perceive ageing?

Myra Mesko: Oh boy, don’t get me started. The marketing of perceived perfection is completely out of control in my opinion. Even teens are being bombarded by perfection and glam ads and blogs through social media they follow every waking hour of the day. I feel inner beauty and being your best, respecting all and being kind is totally dismissed, while looking sexy and pretty is the focus.

Inner beauty is completely disregarded, and wrinkles, specifically in women, are shunned. In other cultures maturity is honored and wrinkles and greying are a right of passage.

HLM: Maybe people need to spend more time outdoors to connect with nature more, perhaps?

Myra Mesko: I am a huge proponent of spending time in nature! I, myself, am a true “earth puppy” that loves gardening, hiking, biking, camping, and the like. I feel grounded and refreshed when I spend time in nature.

HLM: How important is diet in relation to ageing?

Myra Mesko: Diet is huge! The Standard American Diet (SAD) is, unfortunately, not an anti-aging diet, it's quite the opposite. People are not getting healthy fats, they're eating highly processed foods, most think a french fry is a healthy vegetable, and too many people still drink soda every day!!

SUGAR, SUGAR, SUGAR! It is an epidemic in this country and will lead to premature aging of the skin, not to mention total body aging with degenerative diseases and ailments.

HLM: What’s your best skin care tip that you live by?

Myra Mesko: Don’t obsess, eat a healthy diet, drink quality water, be careful how much time you spend unprotected in direct sunlight and use a vitamin C serum EVERY day! Socially manage stress and remove yourself from toxic people in your life. There is so much to be grateful for, which we are blessed with in this country, be grateful.

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