TLC - Still No Scrubs

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tlc - still no scrubs

tlc - still no scrubs

Bestselling American girl group, women empowering activists and humanitarians, TLC is here to promote the importance of a healthy lifestyle and all that comes with having a long and beautiful life. The musicians started their career in 1990, and 28 years later not much has changed with respect to their calling, image, core, message and even their looks. TLC has sold over 65 million records worldwide, making hem the second topselling girl group after Spice Girls. Chart topping records like “No Scrubs” and “Waterfalls” truthfully convey the group’s message and have since become classics. They talked to HL about what keeps them strong to this day, through the ups and downs pertinent to any successful woman, and the tragic death of their third member and friend Left Eye, who is deemed irreplaceable, consequently leaving the group a powerful and authentic duo.

HL: Who and when gave you the name Chilli?

Chilli: I was in the studio, and we were coming up with names, and it may have been Lisa (Left Eye). I know somebody who was also saying different stuff, and then once I heard Chilli, I said, “That’s it.” I knew that was the name.

HL: What did you miss most about being active with TLC during your break?

Chilli: Oh, there was no break. We’ve always been touring. So, the only thing that’s new is the album.

HL: How do you feel about its being the last album?

Chilli: It came out this summer, and I’m very happy about the outcome, and it is a little bittersweet. With it being the last one, it doesn’t mean that it’s the last of TLC. We’re never gonna stop touring and working together, that part you’ll see forever. But as far as the album, it’s just so political. In my opinion, I’m sure I could speak for Tionne as well, a lot of the people that are in certain positions aren’t qualified for those positions. And so, it’s just very different.

HL: What is the main message that you wish to convey with this last album?

Chilli: It’s the same message with any of our albums. We’re very consistent with our messages. We’re all about girl power and self-improvement. We are then labeled from day one as feminists, and I guess that’s what we are. But we’re very truthful about the things we talk about, whether it’s very serious subject matters or playful ones. It’s all truth though from a woman’s perspective.

tlc - still no scrubs

tlc - still no scrubs

HL: But you have done some solo projects and some movies, TV shows... What can your fans look forward to from Chilli as a solo artist?

Chilli: I guess when you say solo artists, I don’t look at it like that. I wouldn’t quite word it like that. Tionne and I, obviously, we are TLC—this is our group. We’re in a group and it’s an active group. And we do things separately. But I have a small part in the movie “Marshall” that came out in October, and I’m happy to be a part of an important piece like that. Reginald Hudlin is the director. When he asks me to do anything, I’d say yes because he’s amazing. I’m excited about that and working on a lot of stuff but the kind of artist who doesn’t talk about the things I work on. Once it’s out there, then BAM!

HL: How serious are you about the film and TV business? What are your future plans in Hollywood?

Chilli: It just depends on the role. If the role speaks to me, I’m excited about it, then I’ll do it. But if not, it’s not something that I’m just gonna say, “Okay, I just want to act now.” I don’t think I’ll ever feel like that.

HL: Do you have a dream actor or actress that you would like to work opposite in TV or movies?

Chilli: Will Ferrell. I want to do anything with him. He is hilarious.

tlc - still no scrubs

tlc - still no scrubs

HL: Can you tell us about your nonprofit organization “Chilli’s Crew” and its focus?

Chilli: I feel horrible because I missed two summers not having been able to do anything with the girls because I’ve been on the road. But basically, Chilli’s Crew is all about self-empowerment for these young ladies, no matter what they’ve gone through or if their current situation is how they want it to be. Some of them live with parents and some of them don’t, and they truly have a touching story. My goal is to redirect them. A lot of times when you’re growing up it may not be the best situation, you fall short only because you feel like you’re supposed to. I like to let them know that you use those things as a stepping stone to get to where you really wanna be, to where your dreams are. We also teach them hygiene, a woman’s body and how to take care of yourself and simple things. So, I gotta get back to that because I like to be involved. I want to have the girls and the long weekends the way we did before and I’m not there to hang out with them to talk to them. But I love it, it makes me happy and complete. I always hope and pray that the things that we’re instilling stick. Even if it’s just one or two, we did good.

HL: What kind of situation would a person need to be to be eligible to seek help from Chilli’s Crew?

Chilli: It depends on their situation. There’s definitely an age range. I like to get them at around 13, 14, no older than 18, that’s the cutoff right there. I don’t quite like to put that stuff out because our team knows what we’ll work with and what we won’t, but it’s not many that we say no to.

tlc - still no scrubs

tlc - still no scrubs

HL: You’re into a healthy lifestyle and fitness. At what age did you know the importance of taking care of your body and your mind?

Chilli: I’ve known for a long time. Now, the extent of that has come over the years. Reading more and trying to educate myself on healthy living. One, I’ve never eaten pork. I’m a Seventh Day Adventist, so I definitely don’t eat that. Gradually, over time, I learned about healthier options over certain foods and eliminating certain dietary items and lifestyle habits because they can make you susceptible to diseases. It’s so exciting that now with technology you can get information easily. You can go on YouTube and Google and find out about all the bad stuff to not put in your system anymore. The knowledge is right there in your telephone.

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