A Bit Of Brit Advice for the Season

brit advice

brit advice

Even though here in balmy LA it feels more like Hawaii than Russia, we know all over our planet is still a “tired of the winter gloom” season. Get enough D, the sunshine vitamin, to activate one’s white blood cells.

In the UK, Public Health England tells Brits to take daily vitamin D supplements; during fall and winter, sunlight hours are so reduced the body can’t make enough on its own.

A multi with vitamins and minerals can make up for a faulty diet. “Winter brings particular challenges, including more colds and flu, low mood and dry skin,” the Health and Food Supplements Information Service tells a media outlet. “As days get shorter and the weather gets colder, it is also all too easy to reach for comfort foods.”

Also supplement with A, B12, C, D, zinc and selenium. “Dietary supplements therefore provide a useful top up when you're struggling to get the necessary variety in your diet.”

Vitamin A maintains integrity of the body’s openings such as nose, mouth, genitalia that have mucous membranes. It does the same for inner linings of the nose, throat, stomach and gut. Both selenium and zinc fight infections by supplying needed nutrition to immune cells. Zinc affects white blood cells while selenium activates neutrophils, macrophages and natural killer cells.

As the Brits say, nice weather… for ducks.

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