World Finer Foods

Pollute Walmart, Target, Amazon

With seafood which sponged sewage of world's biggest population—China

Doug McMillon President and CEO, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. President and CEO Susan Guerin, William Flynn Chief Financial Officer World Finer Foods

Doug McMillon President and CEO, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. President and CEO Susan Guerin, William Flynn Chief Financial Officer World Finer Foods

If you are, like me, a health nut, you probably love shellfish and other seafood—a low-fat, high protein and delicious support of your exercise regimen. But what it does to your health if you happened to buy shellfish from the supplier World Finer Foods in Walmart, Target or on Amazon? Lead is only one of the surprising additions to these oh so “finer foods.” And there is simply no function in the human body, which is not affected by lead toxicity.

A German-rooted company with an ironic name World Finer Foods, whose “Reese” branded products fill the supermarkets sites, began in the 1940s importing quite singular foods like Roasted Caterpillars, Kangaroo Steak, Fried Butterflies, Chocolate Covered Ants, Canned Hornets, Fried Baby Bees and de Fois Gras.

Today its brands include hundreds of products: Knorr, Felix, DaVinci pasta, Bon Maman preserves, Barry’s Tea, Finn Crisp among them.

According to the company, “Reese finds the highest quality products from different corners of the world…”

It is unclear at which point their professed “highest quality standards” have led them to sources as the Bohai Bay of the Yellow Sea and North Sea of China in the Shandong Province, a highly industrialized region that dumps into ocean waters and rivers freely, without adequate regulation, the sewage and the pollution of the world’s largest population and whose sources of energy include 31 coal-fired plants.

According to the Union of Concerned Scientists besides greenhouse gas and acid rain emissions, other harmful pollutants from a typical, uncontrolled coal plant include approximately, per year:

• 114 pounds of lead
• 225 pounds of arsenic
• 4 pounds of cadmium
• trace amounts of uranium

HealthyLivinG Foundation bought in Walmart and lab-tested:

Lead in Reese products, World Finer foods sold in Walmart, Target and on Amazon

Lead in Reese products, World Finer foods sold in Walmart, Target and on Amazon

When caught on the above levels of contamination, guess what their defense will be? It’s easy to guess, as every violator routinely makes the public and the judge choke at their old argument: the x62 safe CA limit of lead and the x 11 safe CA limit of cadmium are NATURALLY OCCURRING.

Lead is known to cause cancer and reproductive defects. It also causes hypertension, violent behavior and dementia. Lead accumulates in bones and is almost wholly absorbed by the fetus during pregnancy, lowering a baby’s IQ besides posing additional long-term behavioral and neurological risks.

But it wasn’t even a concern for those corporations: one of the known effects of lead, besides cancer, is dementia.

HealthyLivinG Foundation has been testing canned shellfish products since 2013 and, based on over 100 results of products being sold in supermarkets in California, initially sued on behalf of California World Finer Foods and Walmart for selling products that allegedly violated the state’s Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986.

But WFF and Walmart continued selling seafood without warning. And are caught again in new Notices of Violation.

Do you think World Finer Foods, Walmart, Target, Amazon should pay the same amount of fines this time? Or twice as much? Ten times as much?

How much is the value of your risk of cancer or dementia? Or birth defects and neurological problems in your children? The levels of lead in each serving are similar to the average glass of contaminated water in Flint, Michigan. Is that what you want for your body?How about your baby? Write us below what you think.

Read more about HLF’s fight for your naturally endowed right to live a healthy long life—and to know what’s in your products before you let cheap poisons in your precious body.

Learn about the mission or donate to the cause at www.HealthyLivinGFoundation.US


Selling food with ANY amount of lead, cadmium, pesticides or other cancerogens is perfectly legal in the US. With a small exception of Proposition 65 of California. However, the latter does not prohibit the sale of ANY amount of chemical contaminants either: it only requires a fine-print warning on the label.


Toxic Legacy of The Late Judge Brick

The honorable judge Steven A. Brick has created a precedent legislation, ruling that a juice corporation is not liable for supplying .5 mcg of lead with each glass of juice. Because we people apparently drink a small glass of orange juice no more than once in 14 days, based on a scientific evidence supplied by juice corporations’ experts. Judge punished the watch dog who dared to go against the corporate might of 16 manufacturers like Dole, Del Monte, Welch's, J.M. Smucker, Beech-Nut. It is undisclosed, however, whether the honorable went on with pouring a juice from his defendants for his daily breakfast. But he sure thought it was fine for yours.

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