How To Make Us Safer

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How To Make Us Safer. Healthy Living Magazine

How To Make Us Safer. Healthy Living Magazine

The cancer scare… Not everybody has experienced the terror, but everybody feels a freezing spine when a thought of a hellish, slow, undignified death cripples into their mind. Cancer hits one in three US-born Americans, and for a reason.

If you ask, most people will say that the most dangerous thing in the modern world is terrorism. But the probability of your countering an act of terrorism is less than 0.0000045%. Whereas the probability of consuming cancerogenic toxins with food is near 100%, daily.

So far it’s been established we all have cancer cells, which form tumors when immunity is compromised genetically or by environment. We have no choice but to leave our genetics to a long-shot fight of big pharma. But environment—that’s what is in our hands, literally. I’m not advocating to take on the global warming or re-establish the Paris climate accord. Consider the part of the environment that actually goes into our body and feeds every cell of it—the food. This is a major stream for harmful toxins to occupy and disable healthy cells that protect the human body from forming tumors.

We try to brush off the doubts about food quality and imply that the government would not allow deadly toxins to be sold openly, in daylight, in Wal-Mart, Safeway or health food stores like Whole Foods. The ugly truth is that it does. Moreover, no viable federal regulations concerning contaminants in food exist. The only working piece of regulation is Proposition 65 of California. But even Prop 65 does not prohibit sale of toxin-rich products; it requires to put a fine print warning on a label.

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Cancerogens in our food are a true and imminent terrorism that touches everyone, every day, and that's where the national security might and travel (sorry, sale) bans should be. The chemicals have every legal right to trespass onto the bodies, destroy lives and families and never be punished—nor will the corporation that perpetrated it and enjoys profiting on people’s desperation.

Therefore it is imperative for a free market to sustain watch dogs going after undercover “terrorism” of domestic food corporations. And that long has been a mission of HealthyLiving Foundation.

HLF goes out and buys products incognito from store shelves, lab tests them for chemical toxins and pesticides such as lead, cadmium, arsenic, dioxane, dicofol and many other human health hazards; works with the state of California attorney general, Department of Health Services, judges, legislators and teams of lawyers to prosecute violators and implement legislation to protect against illegitimate sales of toxic foods and consumer products.

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On the bright side, the foundation awards the HealthyLiving Seal to pure, toxin- and pesticide-free products, and this is how you can clean up your food supply—look for products that carry the HL seal, which means it has been tested and approved by HealthyLiving and contains no dangerous chemicals.

We ask you, as the TSA at an airport, to watch out for products you suspect are contaminated and report your concerns at www.HealthyLivinGFoundation.US. In my view, that’s a better meaning of a clichéd political slogan “Together we can make our world safer.”

Please report your concerns at www.HealthyLivingFoundation.US

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