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Kelly Rowland. Healthy Living Magazine

Kelly Rowland. Healthy Living Magazine

An artist who hasn’t experienced an adult life outside the limelight says she hasn’t missed out on anything regarding normality. One of the lead singers of the prominent Destiny’s Child, Kelly Rowland is yet expanding her horizons after marrying her best friend and giving birth to her first child. After the split of Destiny’s Child, Kelly made a daring decision to attain success as a solo artist, which she soon realized was definitely moving in the right direction. Today Kelly is also a successful writer. Her new book Whoa, Baby! just hit the stores, together with crowds of devoted fans and grateful new moms.

Healthy Living: Congratulations on the release of your book “Whoa, Baby!” What was the final and most overwhelming moment when you had your son, Titan, that prompted you to want to write a book for new moms?

Kelly Rowland: The overwhelming part was all the many different changes that I was experiencing; physically, mentally, emotionally just trying to pick myself up. It was definitely a trying time in all of those areas, which is one of the many reasons I wanted to write a book. I went to go see Tristan Bickman and she told me that most moms have all these questions when they have a baby, and I said, “Well isn’t there a book or something?” and she said, “No, someone should write that book.” I said, “Oh we’re gonna write that book.” And that’s exactly what happened.

Healthy Living: What was the biggest surprise you had from Titan after he was born?

Kelly Rowland: The biggest surprise was probably just how much I just wanted to be next to him and love him and I just never wanted to leave his side. I had no idea I was going to be so close. You hear all these people have all these different clichés: “oh, your baby’s the greatest this and that”… and I became one of those people and I’m just in love with my son.

Healthy Living: How has becoming a mother changed you?

Kelly Rowland: I think that it definitely made me more bold and kind of pushed me just because I want my son to be bold and I want him to be great and I don’t want him to fear anything.

Healthy Living: Do you think the second time around or when you have your second baby it will be easier for you now that you know what to expect?

Kelly Rowland: I don’t know because I just talked to three moms today who said, “Oh no, each one is different for sure,” and I said, “What? You mean it may get a little easier?” She said, “It’s a little bit easier but each baby is different, each dynamic is different. Your body changes, you know, with your age and, you know, just where you are in your life. You just never know what could happen,” so...

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Healthy Living: Did you struggle with weight?

Kelly Rowland: Just with my post baby weight; that is the biggest struggle I’ve ever had because I remember I’ve put on just about 50 pounds and I hit a plateau, and I remember being very frustrated as well. So then I bumped up my workouts from one to two a day.

Healthy Living: Do you stick to a strict diet?

Kelly Rowland. Healthy Living Magazine

Kelly Rowland. Healthy Living Magazine

Kelly Rowland: I did eat strictly—probably had about between 1500 and 1800 calories a day, which made me very mean. But I’ve dropped the weight and then I started my regular eating again.

Healthy Living: How much do you work out in order to maintain your ideal weight?

Kelly Rowland: When I’m trying to maintain, it is once a day. But when I have a goal, I want to get there rather quickly; then I’ll bump it up to two a day.

Healthy Living: You became an artist at a very, very young age. Do you think that you missed out on a normal childhood and adolescence and all those experiences that come with it?

Kelly Rowland: Not at all, because my mom and my extended mom, Tina, always made sure I had a childhood, whether it was simply going to AstroWorld or having parties with friends. No, I don’t feel like I missed out on anything.

Healthy Living: What is your fondest memory in your music career?

Kelly Rowland: Fondest memory would probably have to be being overseas and the whole crowd singing the song. I actually forgot the lyrics just for a second because I was so overwhelmed with the love that was in the room and it moved me to tears, and I remember I just cried on stage with just how overwhelming that feeling was. Such a joy.

Healthy Living: When Destiny’s Child split, did you already know that you were going to become a successful artist on your own?

Kelly Rowland: Of course not. You hope for the best and then you try to work your ass off because it can happen. I was definitely nervous, thinking “here I am, doing everything by myself.” It was a challenge at first, and then it’s like riding a bike—I got the hang of it.

Healthy Living: Do you think there will be another Destiny’s Child reunion?

Kelly Rowland: It hasn’t been something that we talked about recently—Michelle’s doing her thing, B’s doing her thing, and I’m doing mine. But we talk about everything else so that’s the most important relationship to me.

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Healthy Living: What’s next for you in terms of your solo career?

Kelly Rowland: This year I’m working on music. I’m very excited about this project.

Healthy Living: What about TV or film? Are you working on any projects now?

Kelly Rowland: TV or film not right now but I definitely, definitely want to. So when the right project comes across, I definitely want to look into that.

Kelly Rowland. Healthy Living Magazine

Kelly Rowland. Healthy Living Magazine

Healthy Living: How big do you see your acting career turning to be?

Kelly Rowland: I’d like for it to be respected. That’s a completely different field from music so I just want it to be great in that world and hopefully be respected.

Healthy Living: Do you find red carpet events enjoyable? Or is it part of your job that’s more work than play?

Kelly Rowland: In that time it is work. I like hanging with my glam club, we’re still being silly or cracking jokes, spending the very early hours with each other, so we have a good time. Then we have different things that we find to laugh at. The fun part is at the end of the day.

Healthy Living: Do you have a favorite fashion designer that you turn to when you have a big event coming up?

Kelly Rowland: It’s actually several—I can’t necessarily name just one. But my range is for a whole bunch of designers...Dan Liu, Baja East, some of my favorites.

Healthy Living: What do you do to take care of your skin? Is there a routine that you stick to or a certain product that you swear by?

Kelly Rowland: One that I swear by is Dennis Gross. Dr. Dennis Gross has these exfoliating pads I’m absolutely in love with. I swear by those and I swear by Shani Darden’s Retinol Reform.

Healthy Living: You have said in your interviews that you and your husband Tim were friends before becoming a couple. Many say that relationships that have the most potential to last a lifetime are those that start as friendships. Do you think that’s the case with you and your husband?

Kelly Rowland: Yes. I literally don’t want to disappoint him and he doesn’t want to disappoint me; he is my best friend and we go through it. But the most important thing is that we have an understanding of that we have to get this together, whatever it is, or talk about it.

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Healthy Living: What is your number one health tip?

Kelly Rowland: To take care of your body. To listen to your body. It’s so general but the reason is because 9 times out of 10 we’re so busy working and some of us don’t work out. My mom was one of those people that actually didn’t work out and it definitely affected some ways of her life. Just listening to your body is so important. Whether it’s telling you that it’s tired, whether it’s telling you it’s ill. You know we sometimes ignore all of those different signs. So I encourage people to always listen to your body. Take care of your body. You only get one.

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