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Stanford Graduate, Olympian, soccer forward

Christen Press. Healthy Living Magazine

Christen Press. Healthy Living Magazine

Not a bad calling card. Christen Press, soccer forward for the Chicago Red Stars, shared her body as a powerful, unstoppable vessel, definitely a byproduct of her sport and muscular lower body, in ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue 2016, in a series of bold portraits of athletes. Her body, as she readily admits, is all butt and thigh with super skinny top. But, then, that’s because her life is devoted to soccer. The all-time leading scorer at her alma mater, Stanford University, Christen Press admits she is driven by discontented ambition.

HL: Why should girls and women play soccer?

Christen Press: Soccer is a rather beautiful game! Everyone who has a passion for it should play, regardless of his or her gender.

HL: What profession do you see yourself in second to a soccer player?

Christen Press: I have no idea. I explore a lot of new things and know that I want to lead a happy and healthy life. But I am taking this one adventure at a time.

HL: Being a world champion, how difficult is it to find true love?

Christen Press: Being a human, I think it’s pretty difficult to find true love.

HL: Do you manage to maintain a healthy balance of work, family, personal life and play?

Christen Press: I try! This has been a trial and error process for me. I have a ton of things I am passionate about and enjoy spending my time doing. I believe we all have more capacity than we are aware of, and it becomes a balance of expanding your horizons and your self, while maintaining discipline and dedication to the things on which you are currently focused. In my life, there is a balance between being so disciplined (with diet, free time) that you become deprived. I like to recognize how feeding my soul with healthy but fun things actually helps me be my best!

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HL: What is your biggest accomplishment?

Christen Press: My biggest accomplishment is every day waking up and being the best version of me. There is great joy and hardship in the pursuit to live honestly, and I am proud of the journey I am on that has grace for my mistakes and hope for my future.

HL: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

Christen Press: I hope to be happy with a family and a home. I want to be surrounded by nature and people I love and things I love and dogs I love.

HL: What are your most essential nutritional needs as an athlete?

Christen Press: The most essential nutritional need is just finding the right balance. I, personally, have a hard time getting enough protein, so I focus on that.

HL: Do you take any supplements such as protein powder?

Christen Press: I take quite a few supplements, especially during high intensity periods of my life. And I try to find as many nutrients in whole foods and in my daily diet as possible.

HL: What advice can you give non-athletes who try to stay active but lack your will power and physical strength?

Christen Press: Find something active that you love. It doesn’t have to be a struggle. Join a team! Kickbox! Being active feels awesome. The more you do it, the more you’ll love it.

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HL: What is your number one health tip?

Christen Press: Respect and give love to your body. It carries you around all day; it deserves to be cherished. Who better to do that than you?

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