Survival Tool of a Newborn

Regenerates DNA

Survival Tool of a Newborn. Healthy Living Magazine

Survival Tool of a Newborn. Healthy Living Magazine

Golden milky bovine colostrum (BC) is the first food that newborn calves receive upon birth; the golden milky fluid enables all mammals to thrive after birth; animals that don’t receive colostrum often fail to thrive, much less survive.

Filled with peptides that act as immune and growth factors, BC is a traditional anti-aging food. The peptides that facilitate the thriving growth of the newborn are regenerative to DNA and continue to deliver lifetime health effects when consumed regularly into adulthood.

Of all the mammals that produce colostrum, scientific studies show BC works between various species. Preterm piglets for example do better on BC than others species’ colostrum. As it turns out so do humans. BC is nearly identical to human colostrum, except that because calves are born with such premature immune systems, it is wealthier in bioactive factors. BC is a staple in traditional medical systems and has been studied in clinical trials that show its health and antiaging effects.

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In my book First Milk Diet I share the scientific basis for the use of colostrum for athletes, besides heart, brain, gastrointestinal and immune health. The effect firstmilking colostrum has on genetics, however, is only now being discovered and detailed in the science.

Protects DNA

Writing in Molecules in 2016, researchers from the Department of Health Food, Chung Chou University of Science and Technology, Taiwan, report on the inhibition effect BC has on DNA damage. Results showed BC exhibited “inhibitory activities of oxidative damage” of DNA in truly physical terms. When DNA is damaged its structures breakdown and researchers have identified these abnormalities. BC has an “inhibitory effect on the breakdown of supercoiled DNA” into open circular DNA and linear DNA, types of structures indicating damage. Further proof in this study was that the quantity of malondialdehyde, a toxic byproduct formed when low density lipoprotein (LDL ) is damaged, “was significantly decreased as colostrum was added. From the results of foregoing, the bovine colostrum’s protein has potential value in the inhibition of DNA oxidation damage and LDL oxidation.”

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Wound Repair

In the Journal of Nutrition Science, scientists observe that BC induced growth and “wound-healing” processes in intestinal epithelial cells. Feeding BC led to “the expression of a significant number of genes involved in cell migration, adhesion and proliferation… colostrum specific bioactive content could be beneficial for… wound healing through a precise gene expression programme.”

Regulates Inflammation

Pathogenic bacterial species such as Escherichia coli and salmonellae attack the integrity of the intestinal epithelium and induce inflammatory responses. BC consumption exerts numerous beneficial effects on the properties of intestinal epithelial cells and protects the gastrointestinal tract of newborns from pathogenic invasion. But BC doesn’t just mount the body’s white blood cells to attach pathogens. It also regulates the immune cells so that they do not over-react or decimate the tissues themselves with a hyper response.

The study from the British Journal of Nutrition found BC “may protect and preserve the integrity of the intestinal mucosal barrier in the host by controlling the expression levels of early and late inflammatory genes following invasion by enteric pathogens.”

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What To Look For

BC is available in grades and varieties. Some products remove the fat. However, the fat contains immune and growth factors and removing it reduces the very essence of BC’s health factors. Other products are obtained well after the birth of the calf when the colostrum from the mother has transitioned to milk and contains casein and other proteins and fewer peptides and antibodies. Six-hour colostrum is shown to be wealthiest in immune and growth factors. It is available as capsules, wafers, lozenges, chewables and powder.

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