Denise boutte

Enjoys imperfect balance

Denise Boutte. Healthy Living Magazine

Denise Boutte. Healthy Living Magazine

Her online cooking show Denise’s Dish is soon to morph into a television cooking extravaganza on the Food Network. From Mississippi Mud Pie to Southern Cabbage Salad with Chinese Noodles and Seafood Soiree that combines two of the Louisiana’s favorites, finest crabmeat and shrimp, the actress, also savors her roles in the films Why Did I Get Married? as Trina Death Valley: The Revenge of Bloody Bill as Mandy, Sister's Keeper and Noah's Arc.

HL: What is the biggest challenge in the journey to a successful career in Hollywood?

Denise Boutte: It can be a cycle of peaks and valleys, but as long as you stay positive through the valleys and plant enough seeds while you’re there the fruits of your labors are inevitable.

HL: What is your goal as a Hollywood actress?

Denise Boutte: To have fun in the midst of purpose. There’s no point in throwing your hat into the ring if you don’t enjoy it. If you’re in a negative and/or desperate place, trust and believe others can sense that in the audition room and on set.

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HL: What is your most memorable moment in your film career?

Denise Boutte: I guess the title would have to go to Tyler Perry and the call-back audition I got when Tyler himself read with me, then shook my hand and offered me the roles on “Meet the Browns” and “Why Did I Get Married?” In a state of shock, I muttered through tears, “My Momma is gonna be so happy!” The kicker? Once I composed myself and called my manager to re-enact the moment, I ended it with, “I sure hope Tyler agrees” not realizing that the person I had just read with was Tyler Perry! Until then, I was only familiar with him as Medea.

HL: Is the lifestyle healthier in Louisiana or California?

Denise Boutte: For me, the location is irrelevant. What matters are the choices I make; I choose indulgence in Louisiana and more sensible choices in California. Balance is key to every facet of life and while not always in perfect harmony, I do try my hardest to make the right choices.

HL: Tell us a little about your cooking show.

Denise Boutte: I am happy to say that what began as quick, online how-to’s has manifested into something much greater. I’ve joined forces with Food Network star Chef Jernard Wells. The TV version, to no surprise, will be infused with my southern flare.

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HL: Are your recipes created in consideration of maintaining a Hollywood body shape?

Denise Boutte: I’m aware of my choices but do cater to my guilty pleasures, which are often for salty snacks rather than sweet. For example: I’ll start off each morning with a veggie packed smoothie. On the flip side, I’ll treat myself to a grab bag of chips with every fill-up at the gas station! I am all about that balance.

HL: What is your number one health tip for our readers?

Denise Boutte: Rather than depriving yourself, feed your cravings within moderation. Everyone’s body type and metabolism are different so rather than comparing yourself to the next one, be sure to love the skin that you’re in. We only live once. Let’s be sure to enjoy the ride.

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