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As effective as 10 years of therapy Part 2 of 2

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Plant Medicine 4

Plant Medicine 4

Located in Guanacaste, Costa Rica and one of only 5 blue zones in the world. Discover why people who live here, live measurably longer lives.

Ayahuasca Life Hack

The plant-based ceremonies involve Ayahuasca. Also known as yagé or iowaska, this plant-based medicine is made from Banisteriopsis caapi vine and the Psychotria viridis leaf. What ensues is a traditional plant-based medicine used throughout Amazonia. HealthyLivinG contributing writers Ivy and Andy Larson, MD visited Rythmia and are working on an extensive report of their Ayahuasca experience for an upcoming issue. Ivy Larson says at her website, “On one of the Ayahuasca ceremony evenings I had set my intention to rid myself of the anxiety and panic attacks I have lived with practically my whole life. As a kid, I had always thought I would ‘outgrow’ them once I was an adult, but when I had a full-blown anxiety attack on CNN’s live broadcast after our first book was published I realized they weren’t going away. I never made time for therapy, so in order to keep myself from having an anxiety attack my husband would have to prescribe a beta-blocker anytime I had to do live TV or get in front of a big audience. Even though I have never had these issues in small groups, over the years I have shunned away from big events because I couldn’t trust myself to make it through. I’ll never forget the feeling of complete panic as I stood behind the stage to give a speech to 5,000 people at a Juice Plus+ convention in Memphis while waiting for the beta-blocker to kick in. If the medicine had not kicked in I honestly don’t think I could have made it onto the stage that day. During that CNN attack I had I actually contemplated ducking my head and leaving my husband to sit there by himself. I would have totally ducked too except we were Live and on air before I had the chance to do it. It sounds funny to tell the story but if you have ever had an anxiety attack you know all too well there is nothing funny about them. And yet during the Ayahuasca ceremony I got the feeling that I was able to go in and ‘rewire’ my brain myself and to tell myself that the anxiety and panic attacks are over and done with once and for all. Today as I write this I truly do not think I would be able to have an anxiety attack again. This is not just my experience either. There is real research and testimonials from others who claim they have been able to ‘reset’ their brains with the help of Ayahuasca.”

Body Cleanse

The resort’s Dead Sea Cleanse sessions are for clearing the internal organs and digestive system. Trained staff nutritionists guide guests through a nutrition plan to optimize results and lose weight.

There are two yoga classes per day with curriculum designed by Shiva Rea. Each Prana Vinyasa class goes for an hour and a half.

The restaurant onsite is called ROOTS and serves organic, locally sourced farm-to-table food. A must-have juice program includes, among many healthy choices, an energizing Green Jolt Juice or body nourishing Blood Builder Juice.

Just steps away from the pool is an indoor/outdoor spa. This is not your regular spa experience. Draw out toxins and impurities from the body with a volcanic mud bath that will exfoliate and soften your skin. Following the mud bath relax in the steam room or geothermal water of the Jacuzzi with jets to invigorate your circulation or have a one-hour massage with essential oils (3 sessions are included in package).

Regularly scheduled workshops feature guests such as Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith whose life transformation program “The Answer is You” is taught onsite weekly by his practitioners. Reverend Beckwith will be on-site hosting a workshop July 2-9, 2017. The new program “Rythmia Presents” provides guests the opportunity to get up close and personal with thought leaders. Says Powell, “Coming up in 2017 are don Miguel Ruiz Jr, Shiva Rea, John Gray and Mark Victor Hansen, to name a few.”



Rythmia is an all-inclusive resort. Pay one price for a 7 or 14 night stay: all meals, workshops, plant medicine ceremonies, the Dead Sea Cleanse and spa services are included.

Be nourished. The resort is committed to locally sourced, farmto- table organic food and provides guests with three meals a day and healthy snacks in between.
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