Dine Out At Home With Meal Kits

From Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart

US adults have decreased consumption of foods from the home supply and reduced time spent cooking since 1965— and this trend is happening across all socioeconomic groups, says a study from Nutrition Journal. Only slightly more than half of Americans spend any time cooking on a given day. “Efforts to boost the healthfulness of the US diet should focus on promoting the preparation of healthy foods at home while incorporating limits on time available for cooking.” With that in mind when we heard that Martha Stewart has teamed up with Marley Spoon, we wanted to know what had changed in the world: anything she does is about what’s next. She turned on her Marley Spoon partnership as an effort to bring us back to home cooked meals but this time done simply, easily and without the wasted hours spent shopping in ever crowded, unevenly stocked markets selling us too much for our needs. Martha told HealthyLivinG that urban health seekers will be spending more time with good food and less time in the actual supermarket—but she puts a twist on it because now one’s dining out with friends is also being done, you guessed it, at home.

HL: What’s new in the food world of 2017?

Martha Stewart: Meal kits are the future of food. As we are all trying to find ways to save time to make time for other things, food kits give us the opportunity to make superb meals and avoid the time it takes to plan and shop for dinner.

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart

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HL: Do you seeing dining out at home as the newest trend in our cocooning society?

Martha Stewart: I do. I’ve always been thrilled when entertaining friends and family at home for dinner. Services like Martha & Marley Spoon make it even easier and more enjoyable to impress your guests with delicious and innovative meals.

HL: How is Martha & Marley Spoon different from other food delivery/preparation services?

Martha Stewart: I’ve tried all of the meal kits out there on the market, but Marley Spoon stands out because of the quality of the ingredients, sensible packaging, clear instructions and little waste. Martha & Marley Spoon delivers the fresh pre-portioned ingredients from the best purveyors and producers so meals are delicious, nutritious— and a pleasure to prepare.

HL: What excites you most about the food world?

Martha Stewart: I think we’ll continue to see a lot more vegetarian options and more people embracing a plant-based diet. The more you eat a plant-based diet, the more you will appreciate the way it makes you feel.

HL: Can you describe a perfect family dinner?

Martha Stewart: Family dinner on a weeknight should be nutritious, delicious and, most important, easy to make.

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