Climb Mountains at Home

And Get An Awesome Body



One of the problems with treadmills, exercise and even elliptical machines is that they strengthen one’s leg muscles but don’t necessarily workout a whole body that includes abs and core. Hence, the advent of climbing machines offering thorough workouts for the entire body with a faster calorie burn rate.

Their popularity is evident on Amazon where MaxiClimber enjoys the #1 selling rank for step climbers and is #2 in weights. Our workout nuts thought it curious that a vertical climber should be ranked high under “weights” but when we looked at what these machines do it made sense.

Rock Climbers’ awesome body

If you’ve been wondering about the advantages of vertical climbers, they are designed to mimic all the efforts and necessities of rock climbing in the outdoors. From fingertips to the ends of one’s toes, nothing matches rock climbing for the sheer life and death intensity of effort. Rock climbers have awesome bodies. We all know that.

Calorie Monster

Whether climbing outside, in a gym or at home, a 155 pound person climbing for 30 minutes can burn 409 calories or nearly 900 in an hour plus obtain a whole body workout that complements any other sport or physical activity.

Even with average workouts, climbing machines burn 500 calories average in an hour, compared to 330 calories riding an exercise bike at 10.5 miles per hour using moderate resistance and 250 calories for walking on a treadmill at a speed of 3 miles per hour and a 1.5 incline level. Also, unlike treadmills, vertical climbers are low impact, use one’s own weight and don’t stress the knees or ankles.

Exercise Is A Powerful Drug

Folding climber for small room

When shopping for climbers, they should be easy to set up, compact, lightweight and durable. One reason for the popularity of MaxiClimber, for example, is that it comes 90% pre-assembled; the rest of the set-up takes about 5 minutes and can fit in a small apartment. Its folding design allows for easy storage without taking up space. Make sure there are ergonomic hand and non-slip foot pedals that are wide enough for your feet to feel comfortable. MaxiClimber can handle users up to 240 pounds. Other machines may have lower weight restrictions.

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