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Mane n Tail

Mane n Tail

The hair of every heroine in every fairy tale that we know is thick and silky like a show horse’s mane. It can be any color or texture but as long as if it’s thick and silky like an Arabian dream horse it’s been in a thousand romances and the sensual grail for the desires of both sexes.

On a rural New Jersey horse farm, the Katzev family raised their Arabian horses for show and that thick and silky mane (and tail) was what they desired, too. But in the 1970s the grooming products for their horses disappointed them and so many other groomers so deeply some simply elected to use dishwashing detergent to clean their horses.

Aloe-Thick Hair

Not the Katzevs. They had their vision for their horses and came up with the formula for Original Mane‘n Tail Conditioner followed by the shampoo. Both targeted their show horses’ long flowing manes and tails with high lathering ultra-cleansing agents fortified with moisturizers and emollients such as coconut oil. The hydrolyzed collagen nourished hair growth, leaving their horses with manes looking lustrous and silky.

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