Biggest Weight Loss Factor

Is Accountability

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

We all have health and nutrition goals, often involving getting better from a serious illness, losing weight or performing better in our chosen sport or exercise. And we all need coaches for various areas of performance whether in business, sports, nutrition or life in all its dimensions. No doubt, you’re going to be hearing more frequently about accountability coaches. An accountability coach is a trained professional who simply holds you accountable for your desired goals and works with you to achieve

Enough Procrastination

The biggest weight loss factor is accountability. It is all well and fine to make promises but only an accountability coach helps you fight through the urge to break your commitment.

I have helped more than 300 women and men lose more than 15,000 pounds of weight in the last two years alone through one-on-one coaching with support, tips and motivation—and, most of all, accountability. Accountability coaching isn’t a fad and it isn’t some workout plan. Accountability coaching is for those who are ready to make a change.

Here’s how an accountability coach accelerates reaching your weight-loss and other health goals:

1. Spot problems. One change in your diet can make all the difference. Make sure your accountability coach is also certified as integrated or clinical nutritionist. With my clients we like to do a food diary and also keep in mind those primary foods of ours that we know we can eat and enjoy without risking weight gain.

2. Moment to moment accountability. Often when going out to eat, clients text, send an image, snap chat or call me with their menu choices. I may save them from a 1000 calorie mistake! As your accountability coach, I am there for you moment to moment 24/7.

3. Set proper goals. If I have a client at 140 pounds, we will agree that 130 would do, but I will tell them to make their goal 137, then 134 and 129 and repeat that strategy in combination with working to eliminate foods that are harmful.

4. Realize consequences. An accountability coach can help you to see that each action you take either brings you closer or further from your goal(s). You have to take accountability for your actions and see that what you do produces either the desired or undesirable results.

5. Quit stalling. The enemy of health is procrastination. An accountability coach helps you to see what you need to do now and get rid of procrastination.

6. Breaking free of limiting beliefs. There are world champions in sports such as figure skating who float effortlessly above the competition with twice less practice daily. Olympic and 4 time World champ, the first man to succeed in three quadruple jumps on Olympics, Alexei Yagudin, described himself as a couch potato: “I’m actually quite lazy: I train 2 hours and then go watch TV on a couch all day.” Why is that? Besides talent, they are free of limiting beliefs. They do not know that a quadruple jump is actually difficult—they grew up knowing it’s a standard requirement for a skater and watching training mates throwing quads right and left. There were times when a single jump would make a world champ. Conquering fears is liberating. We can glide and fly through life when we crack this glass wall.

7. Set direction. You have to see yourself as who you can be and have a positive vision for yourself. An accountability coach has the tools of direction and empathy to see where you need to go and the quickest route to reach your goal.

8. Being honest. My goal as an accountability coach is to heighten consciousness of your responsibility for your life. That will require total honesty from you.

9. Set goals with accountable results. We will set challenges and celebrate victories. You are NOT alone. You will lose your 35-50 pounds this summer. Having an accountability coach at your side will get you through the mental battles with more discipline and will power than you’ve ever experienced.

Weight Loss Without Will Power

When Coaching Works

As I mentioned, accountability coaching only works when you’re ready for change. Sometimes, quite often, actually, it means working with clients who’ve hit rock with their weight, relationships or career. Taliah Augustine was one of my weight loss clients. “I was at a very low place in my life,” she told me recently. “Thanks to an accountability coach I was able to make a complete change in my life. It started with building enough confidence to lose the unwanted pounds that made me feel and look so heavy and unattractive to my husband. Accountability coaching helped me to realize that I am totally responsible and accountable for life through the choices I make. Once realized and accepted, I began implementing, with my AC’s help, a customized program that met my needs in the areas of weight loss (proper nourishment), personal development, relationship and finance. I gained self confidence, a new figure and reestablished a healthier relationship with my husband and family.”

Here’s what I want you to do:

1. Create an accountability partner. Get someone in your life who will hold you accountable to your goals. They should be firm and supportive people.

2. Explore having an accountability coach. Leverage your resources to put yourself in the highest probability position to achieve your goals.

“An Accountability Coach is a trained professional who simply holds you accountable for your desired goals and works with you to achieve them.”

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Ah'nay Satori is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Coach
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