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HL: Tell us about your travel plans for the premieres of Pete’s Dragon?
Bryce Howard: With these things, people divide and conquer. So it’s like, “You’re going to Miami. I’m going to New York. You’re going to Toronto.” But one of the most fun parts for me of the process is coming back together with the cast after some time has passed and after the film is done. And then we all get to watch it together. There’s always a friends and family screening so I’ll see everybody then. And then we hit the road. And ideally, if we’re all able to travel together, that’s the most fun part of the press, kind of like a traveling circus where we go from city to city.

HL: What made you decide not to be vegan anymore?
Bryce Howard: It was an intense process. I was vegan for three and a half years. I was vegan through my first pregnancy. After pregnancy I had a lot of health issues. I went to four different doctors and each one of them said to me that I needed to start eating meat. And this is rare, actually. I asked them, “Is this all vegans?” They said, “Absolutely not.” There are lots of healthy vegan pregnancies and post pregnancies. It was just me. The fourth doctor I went to, who’s my doctor to this day, said to me very respectfully, “This is a very personal choice that you have to make. But the choice is between your ethics and your future.” And so I started eating meat again. But I am incredibly proactive about finding out where meat is being sourced.

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HL: Is there a diet or exercise regimen that you find to be more successful than others?
Bryce Howard: I try to stay in shape, and by shape I mean just at a certain fitness level. I wear a Fitbit and I just want to make sure my resting heart rate looks good. I definitely do the 10,000 steps and all of that. And just health in general, purely from a medical standpoint, that’s what I hear when I hear “staying in shape”; making sure that my blood work is good, not messing around with my cholesterol numbers, not just letting my insulin levels spike. For Jurassic Park, I definitely needed to do specific training in order to improve my athleticism so that I could do things that I can’t achieve or practice by doing my 10,000 steps and my Pilates workouts. So in those cases, I’ll often consult with someone like a running coach or somebody just to give me the tools to be able to train in that matter. But there’s never a set routine that I employ. I try to keep things pretty much the same if I can.

HL: Is it true that you have never tried alcohol?
Bryce Howard: I’m a rule follower. I don’t like to break rules. It makes me incredibly anxious. I showed up on Senior Cut Day in high school because I thought, “I can’t cut class,” and it was probably, in retrospect, quite silly. My teachers said to me, “Go outside. All the seniors are hanging out outside in the field, Bryce, you shouldn’t be in class.” In my mind, 21 is the law. I was always going to follow the law. Not a lot of teenagers drink moderately, so by the time I was 21, I had seen a lot of things that scared me off of it for sure. So just between not being able to eat gluten and choosing not to drink, it cancels out all these potential health markers that would maybe be made more vulnerable if I was able to partake.

Bryce Dallas Howard7

Bryce Dallas Howard7

HL: Do you have a skin care regimen?
Bryce Howard: I get a facial once every few months. I would say the single kind of skin care trick that’s made the biggest difference for me is the Clarisonic. It was like my skin changed overnight. Part of my job is that I wear so much makeup and exposed to different kind of climates, it can sometimes wreak havoc with your skin. Clarisonic has made a difference. It’s silly for me to go on and on and on about one product, but it has.

HL: Do you take vitamins and supplements?
Bryce Howard: Definitely, morning and night. Not anything over the top.

HL: What health tip would you give to our readers?
Bryce Howard: To look at the World Health Organization guidelines as far as nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress recommendations. The World Health Organization gives unbiased guidelines, and it’s done based on rigorous research. Watch “Fed Up” because I just found it to be a remarkable film and invaluable in terms of the information that it imparts regarding sugar and the sugar industry. They recommend no more than 28 grams of sugar per day for an adult, and I think it’s 12 grams for a child, and it’s because that’s all your liver can process. Just having that kind of information is invaluable.
In terms of exercise, it’s different based on your age. They said it didn’t matter whether or not it’s at one time or throughout the week, but that a certain amount of time of anaerobic, a certain amount of time of cardiovascular, weight training for osteoporosis. So I try to get it in. If I can get in a 15 to 30 minute workout and then get my 10,000 steps in five, six days a week, I feel like I’ve met my World Health Organization guidelines.

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