99.99999% Kids Get The Flu

How To Get Into Remaining 0.000001%

99.99999% Kids Get The Flu. Healthy Living Magazine

99.99999% Kids Get The Flu. Healthy Living Magazine

Almost all children will be infected with human respiratory syncytial virus, or hRSV, by their second birthday, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The virus infects the lungs and breathing passages and occurs from fall to spring. The CDC adds hRSV is emerging as a significant cause of respiratory illness in older adults.

first defense

A super food that girds the points of entry into the body through which the virus first attacks has been discovered in a scientific study. Colostrum, the first milk all mammals secrete upon the birth of their newborn, is a front-line immune medicine, the researchers said.

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By that, one means its effects go right to the body’s points of entry for viruses, including the gut, nose and mouth, where immune cells congregate as a first defense. The Journal of Microbiology reports that consuming first milk—bovine colostrum—can effectively inhibit hRSV.

target t cells

The opportunistic hRSV takes advantage of the child’s immature or adult’s weakened T cell immunity to enter the body on bacteria and other microscopic particles. If the body’s initial sentries are asleep at the gates, the virus quickly finds a cell host to replicate. All that keeps this from happening are the body’s CD8 T cells, which are meant to immediately clear the virus, staying mobilized long enough to mop up any renegade pathogens.

In this experimental study the researchers administered bovine colostrum for 14 days prior to hRSV challenge. Lung indexes (severity of symptoms) and lung virus levels were analyzed. Activation of CD8 T cells in the group receiving colostrum was compared with those not receiving the food. “The severity of infection and lung virus titers were reduced” in the group receiving bovine colostrum, reports the article. “Moreover CD8 T cell responses were selectively enhanced.”

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The article states “dietary bovine colostrum exerts the effects to inhibit hRSV and ameliorate the symptom[s] by hRSV infection and enhances the CD8 T cell response during the hRSV infection.”

immune milk

First-milking colostrum is produced before the birth of the calf and can only be collected for a short period of time without being diluted by the subsequent production of milk. At the time of birth, potency is at its peak. The active elements such as immune factors, growth factors, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents are at their highest concentrations. However, in fewer than 12 hours, the concentration of these components is only half of what it was at the time of birth. What this means is that the sooner the colostrum is collected, the less diluted it is with milk, and the greater the concentration of beneficial factors.

At Anovite, we collect first-milking colostrum never diluted with transitional milk—adulterated—or fractionated to remove lipids.

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For children, Moo Chews strawberry-banana flavored wafers contain first-milking Colostrum6 with lactoferrin and immunoglobulins.

The minimum amount of constituents per serving in Immune-Tree Colostrum6 include:

• 2,300 ng/g IGF-1

• 2-3% of lactoferrin

• 25% total Immunoglobulins

• 24% proline-rich polypeptides

Colostrum6 is certified by associates of Cornell University to be “true colostrum” that is low heat spray dried, chemical-free, without fillers, a first-milking colostrum from within the first 6 hours following birth from cows fed organic grains and never given bovine growth hormone.

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ReferenceXu ML, Kim HJ, Wi GR, Kim HJ. The effect of dietary bovine colostrum on respiratory syncytial virus infection and immune responses following the infection in the mouse. J Microbiol. 2015 Sept;53(9):661-666. doi: 10.1007/s12275-015-5353-4. E-pub 2015 Aug 27
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