Source Of Calories Makes Or Breaks Guts

Source Of Calories. Healthy Living Magazine

Source Of Calories. Healthy Living Magazine

A study in in Cell Metabolism finds that fish oil actually changes the microbial balance in our gut. The study pitted fish oil versus lard (bacon). The outcome?

Each diet produced extremely different bacterial populations with very different physiological effects.

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To test the independent effects of the bacteria, the scientists took them and put them into other groups and they got the same physiological results. The groups receiving the fish oil microbes didn’t gain weight or suffer excess inflammation.

“We were surprised that the lard and the fish oil diet, despite having the same energy content and the same amount of dietary fiber—which is the primary energy source for the gut bacteria—resulted in fundamentally different gut microbiota communities and that the microbiota per se had such large effects on health,” Robert Caesar of the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, told the medical media.

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Eating lard led to more of the bacteria called Bilophila, a cause of gut inflammation; fish oil increased Akkermansia muciniphila. Although not known yet if this bacterium could be used as a supplement, it is known to reduce weight gain and blood sugar.

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