“Not Tonight, Dear”

78 Million Americans Suffer Tension-Type Headaches

Not Tonight, Dear. Healthy Living Magazine

Not Tonight, Dear. Healthy Living Magazine

From a young age I suffered from vertigo,” says a headache sufferer. “Prescription medications did nothing to alleviate my symptoms of dizziness and nausea (motion sickness). I even tried sitting up while sleeping (my doctor’s advice) but my symptoms still occurred. I tried many medical drugs but was always skeptical about just herbs.

Finally, I heard from a friend about Lucid-Head. I consulted with my doctor who told me it was fine to take; it’s all-natural and safe. After experiencing an episode of vertigo, I immediately took two capsules of Lucid-Head and then repeated the dosage at night, which gave me relief in a very short time. I decided to take one capsule in the morning and one capsule at night every day. It has been several years taking Lucid-Head and now at the age of 56, I have never felt better. Try it yourself.”

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Studies show 78% of Americans suffer from tension-type headaches, according to the American Headache Society—which means almost all of us are dealing with some type of headache.

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Clot-induced early symptoms of disposition to headache disorders include pain, dizziness, blurriness, forgetfulness. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), these symptoms indicate that blood clots or mucus have hindered microcirculation or toxins due to biological or chemical sources that may have blocked vessels in the head. Aging or stress (due to mood or hormonal changes) may have destabilized the nervous system. Qi, the body’s energy meridian, is blocked.

Lucid-Head is based on timeproven decoctions of TCM to relieve symptoms by cleaning the toxins, mucus and clots and improving blood microcirculation.

Among the functions this multiherbal formula performs, they can be divided into 9 categories, with the specific herbs for addressing each interlinked cause of headaches:

Hormone balancing: Chinese wolfberry, longspur epimedium, chastetree fruit, glossy privet.

Detoxify: kudzu vine, fang feng, dahurian angelica, puncture vine, ligusticum

Heat soothing: skullcap, chrysanthemum, Zhejiang figwort, Chinese thorowax, selfheal.

Qi enhancing: dangshen, dried orange peel, parasitic loranthus

Blood building: multiflower knotweed, dried rhemannia, berbaceous peony, leatherleaf milltia

Clots cleansing: chuanxiong, ox knee, redrooted salvia, pseudo-ginseng,

Mucus/dampness cleaning: white mustard seed, Indian bamboo, greenbrier, poriacum, largeheaded astractylodes, oriental water plantain

Nervous system quelling: elevated gastrodia, gambirplant, abalone shell, magnetite, wild jujube seed, grass-leaved sweetflag.

Brain clot cleansing: Ginkgo biloba, narrowleaved polygala.

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