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Boost Growth Hormone Production By 321%

20 Years Off. Healthy Living Magazine

20 Years Off. Healthy Living Magazine

As we age, we experience many undesirable physical changes. These include changes in skin tone and tightness, alterations in the way our bodies metabolize and store fat, age-related loss of muscle tone, reduced energy levels, decreased sexual function, changes to the immune system and more. It is possible that your hormones may be to blame.

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If you’re between the ages of 35 and 70, your body is naturally producing only a tiny percentage of human growth hormone (GH) and insulinlike growth factor-1 (IGF-1) of what it was in your late teens. While GH controls repair and regeneration, IGF-1 ferries nutrients including GH directly into the cell nuclei to bolster gene expression.

GH Injections

GH can be replenished throughout adult life and it does put hard muscle back on the aging body, lowers blood pressure, normalizes insulin and seems to turn back the hands of time—but all of this used to be done with injections, which come at some cost and with side effects.

The interplay between gene expression and nutrition has been an area of interest for anti-aging medicine, performance nutrition companies and, of course, an aging population (where anyone over 30 is ‘old’). The latest anti-aging products include secretagogues, nutritional supplements to influence endocrine activity via gene expression.

5X Stronger stimulates gH production

At MHP, a scientific team put together clinical strength Secretagogue Gold. The product contains a new form of green tea called GreenSelect Phytosome, 5X more bioavailable than normal supplements you see in many commercials, to stimulate production of GH. Green tea has multiple bioactive polyphenolic structures shown to aid liver health, lower oxidative damage and take fat off the body.

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In a clinical trial, researchers tested the GH-boosting effect of supplementing with GreenSelect Phytosome for 90 days in a population of overweight adults on a calorie-deficit diet. Results showed that test subjects experienced a 321% increase in GH levels and a 24% in IGF-1. This corresponded to a steady 14% decrease in waist circumference and a 12% decrease in body mass index. These results demonstrate that the active ingredient in clinical strength Secretagogue Gold increases GH levels and fat loss.

GH production is a very complex process and requires other organs and hormones to work properly in order to carry out its anti-aging abilities. Many organs such as the hypothalamus, pancreas, pituitary and liver are involved in GH production.

This systemic approach of clinical strength Secretagogue Gold is supported by specific amino acids, vitamins and minerals and broken down into three categories:

1. Pituitary/hypothalamus stimulation to trigger the release of GH

2. Pancreatic regulation to optimize blood sugar and insulin, augment GH and regulate glucagon and cortisol levels

3. Hepatic (liver) nourishment and functioning for the conversion of GH to IGF-1

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Secretagogue Gold users report the following health effects:

• Reduced wrinkles, better skin elasticity and tighter skin

• Decreased body fat

• Increased muscle tone

• Increased energy, endurance and stamina

• Thicker, healthier hair and restored color

• Mood elevation

• Improved sleep

• Enhanced sex drive

• Memory capacity increase

• Energy and mental alertness

• Stronger immune function

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ReferenceDi Pierro F, Menghi AB, Barreca A, Lucarelli M, Calandrelli A. GreenSelect Phytosome as an adjunct to a low-calorie diet for treatment of obesity: a clinical trial. Altern Med Rev. 2009 June;14(2):154-160.
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