Simple Water Trick

Lose 20 Pounds With Any Diet

Simple Water Trick. Healthy Living Magazine

Simple Water Trick. Healthy Living Magazine

An Australian study shows simply drinking 500 mL of water 30 minutes before every meal can be used with a low-calorie diet for even greater weight loss. “Pre-meal water consumption for weight loss is an easy to implement intervention” with “evidence of efficacy, and adverse effects are unlikely.”

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A second report confirms the power of adding water. In this study, researchers looked at drinking water intake and weight loss over 12 months with 173 overweight women (aged 25-50 years). Diet, physical activity, body weight, percent body fat (dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry) and waist circumference were assessed. At each time point, daily intakes of drinking water were estimated. Increases in drinking water “were associated with significant loss of body weight and fat over time…” and “may promote weight loss in overweight dieting women.”

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Another trick, say researchers, is to use that glass of water to replace sweetened caloric beverages (SCBs). Simply replacing SCBs with non-caloric diet beverages will not automatically lower energy intake; water is preferred, they say, adding, “increases in other food or beverages reportedly negate benefits of diet beverages.” The purpose of this study was to evaluate drinking water as an alternative to SCBs. “Replacing SCBs with drinking water was associated with significant decreases in total energy intake that were sustained over time. The caloric deficit attributable to replacing SCBs with water was not negated by compensatory increases in other food or beverages.”

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So how much weight can you lose? One study estimates that replacing all SCBs with drinking water was associated with 200 fewer calories per day and predicted mean decrease in total energy of 200 kcal/d over 12 months—the equivalent of nearly 21 pounds.

Of course, with all that extra water, finding a source free from chemical and inorganic contaminants such as lead becomes imperative. The least expensive and most effective methods are home filtration systems using reverse osmosis and activated carbon. Bottled water can be more costly and sometimes of poor quality.

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